Recognized Resident

Congratulations to LaReese “Muffy” Barron – you are our recognized resident for this month!  Muffy has been here at Lebanon South for 4 years and she enjoys bingo, word searches, people watching and music.  Muffy’s favorite colors are red and purple and her favorite flower is a rose.  Her favorite place is Big Bear Lake in West Virginia!  Congratulations, Muffy!

Upcoming Events

October 5th – Coffee with a Cop – Join us to have coffee and appreciate our law enforcement!

October 28th – Chocolate Day!

DeWayne (Golden Oldie) will be here on the 2nd to last Saturday of the month to sing!

Middle School Kids will come to read this month!

Halloween Party on October 31st – more details to come!

Gwen – Crafts Weekly on Thursdays!

Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Lynn Smith! Lynn is the Activities Director and has been at Lebanon South for almost 3 years.  She enjoys time with her family, fishing, crafts, motorcycle riding, watching the Chiefs and attending church.  She has been married for 31 years and has two boys (that are both in the Army), a wonderful daughter-in-law and two beautiful granddaughters.  Her favorite vacation spot is Panama City, FL.


On September 10th, we had our 2nd Family Fun Day and Staff Appreciation Day!  We appreciate all our residents, their families, staff and their families.  We want to thank Jim Buttrey and the “Happy Hillbillies” for their singing, National TV for the water slide and to all those that helped to make our day a success.  We are truly blessed!


10/01 – Luelleyn Rask & Ruby Rice, 10/8 – James Crum, 10/19 – Vickie Jackson