Resident Recognition

We are excited to acknowledge Violet Baker as our Resident for December!  Violet has been here four months and is pretty independent and loves to get involved in activities.  She is divorced and has one son that is deceased and two children (1 son and 1 daughter) that she adopted.  She has 2 grandsons.  Violet grew up with 7 siblings and she was #5.  Her hobbies were sewing and traveling.  Her favorite color is purple, she loves gospel music and classic movies.  Her favorite place she has traveled is Munich, Germany.  She enjoys life and used to enjoy debate class in school.  Violet, we are so glad to have you here!

Upcoming Events

12/13/22 – Horse and Carriage Rides at 1:30pm

12/16/22 – Resident Christmas Dinner and Party

12/17/22 – Amazing Thomas Singing at 2:00pm

12/30/22 – New Years Eve Party

12/31/22 – Dog Therapy at 9:00am


12/3 – Mildred Reid, 12/6 – Leo Longwell, 12/10 – Elizabeth Moore, 12/14 – Twila Elam & Alberta Layman, 12/19 – Merrilee Elliott & Ruby Huelskamp, 12/21 – Ellen Childers, 12/22 – Violet Maynard, 12/23 – Don Harp & Nola Parker, 12/28 – Mary Amos

Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Stephanie Young!  Stephanie has been working here for four years in housekeeping, the kitchen, hospitality, laundry and as an aide.  She is single, has two brothers and loves playing pranks on others.  Her favorite color is pink and loves the movie “Imagine Me and You.”  Not only does Stephanie help out in various departments and keeps us on our toes with pranks but she has a very positive attitude and loves laughter.  Thank you Stephanie for all you do!  You truly are a blessing and great example.  We appreciate you!